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300 Click for offerWithin minutes, Clara was in tears. Her best friend, Mia, and her 17-year-old sister Isabel were with her, but on this last day, she felt just as close to many others, some of whom she had just met at camp. No injuries were reported in any of the other wildfires, but they did cause some travel disruption.

The G-Wagen looks best with a fine layer of dirt. HY: And in a way, it’s a very beautiful celebration of the limits of this medium. And I suppose an honest admission that as much as we think photography — and, let’s say, especially portrait photography — captures something, it does, but it doesn’t capture everything. Nor should it be expected to.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE¡Buen día! Aquí tienes el boletín diario de The New York Times en Español. Si aún no te has suscrito, puedes darte de alta en este enlace. The trip to Doha by Mullah Baradar and several other Pakistan-based Taliban leaders — part of an expanded negotiating team the insurgents announced recently — has seemingly resolved two urgent questions hanging over the talks in recent weeks: whether the Taliban, which is on United Nations sanctions lists, can travel for talks; and whether Pakistan had truly freed Mullah Baradar from detention to allow him to engage in political discussions.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“I’m smiling and laughing,” she said. “I don’t want to be too serious because this is not me.” How do you get your news?

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In a 2017 report on the state of the cybersecurity industry, experts from a consortium of security-oriented organizations projected the field will be short 1.8 million workers globally by 2022. Cole, who now trains people entering the field at the SANS Institute, said that 10,000 workers would represent a significant portion of the entire cybersecurity workforce. After a beat, he added, “They can read between the lines.”

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This week, the brand launches with a pop-up store on Grafton Street in London, where shoppers will be able to try on the brand’s six refined cardigan and pullover styles. There is a women’s cardigan with a relaxed bow collar; another with a more ladylike faux fur accent; a lamb’s wool men’s gilet featuring a navy body with red, yellow and green trim; and a men’s cardigan with contrasting pockets (camel and burgundy, forest green and pale pink or burnt orange and royal blue). The brand’s signature piece, the Rosa, a merino-wool and cashmere cardigan, has brightly clashing piping — which comes in a splash of primary colors — giving it, like all of the brand’s styles, a look that is simultaneously on-trend and entirely nostalgic. When the designers were producing samples, their Italian knitter ran out of the light blue velvet buttons they had requested to finish the sweater, so he completed it with a red one at the collar. He was apologetic — but the look stuck. Now, each of the brand’s cardigan styles come with a contrasting top button. “We love the idea of it being a bit childish and whimsical,” Taffel says of Leorosa. “The idea of our knitwear is very simple, so we want to exaggerate it with wacky, bright colors you might not think to match together.” ______

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Manny Fernandez es el jefe de la corresponsalía en Houston; cubre Texas y Oklahoma. Empezó a trabajar en The New York Times en 2005 como reportero que se especializaba en el Bronx y asuntos de vivienda. Antes trabajó en The Washington Post y The San Francisco Chronicle. @mannyNYT That traditionalism can be vexatious in the ways we’ve been talking about — aesthetically and politically — but it can also be charming, even moving at times. My glasses always fog up at the In Memoriam montage, in spite of the inevitable omissions. Albert Finney! Margot Kidder! Were we ever so young? The show sells continuity as well as novelty, nostalgia alongside relevance. And it encourages the audience to believe that the movies are uniquely positioned to answer our desires to look fondly at the past and eagerly into the future. Sometimes within a single viewing experience, like “Roma.”

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Where Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, N.Y. Mr. Tin moved to Yangon in 1947, a year before the country, then known as Burma, gained independence from Britain. He found work as a plumber and began studying music.

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